Someone Else's Shoes

  • Someone Else's Shoes Empathy Skills Development

    Imagination Theater’s newest program offering, created in 2016, is the perfect link between Ease the Tease 2.0 and Take a Stand.
    Join Imagination Theater in helping students become empathy superheroes! Empathy is a skill that, like our muscles, needs to be exercised, stretched, and flexed. Students learn to recognize and identify a variety of feelings in order to make emotional connections with their peers. 
    Imagination Theater has again collaborated with 2011 Illinois School Social Worker of the Year Judy S. Freedman, LCSW, MSW, to help students and their families discover that when we walk in someone else’s shoes, we walk together. Parents and guardians are key players in empathy development and training! Learn more about Ms. Freedman’s parent and guardian presentations here.
    • For Grades:
    • Audience Max:
      250 in person 60 virtual
    • Show Length:
      45-50 Minutes
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    • Thank you so much to…everyone at Imagination Theater—the performance yesterday was fantastic and a perfect cap to our event. The cast engaged the audience beautifully, and imploring the audience to “Make a Difference” went over extremely well with our group who was there to celebrate Make a Difference! The Harvey L. Miller Family Youth Exhibition.

      Amanda Friedeman
      Harvey L. Miller Family Youth Educator
      Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center