Show Some Respect

  • Show Some Respect

    Respect is a very big word that covers a lot of ground.  This program features a variety of scenes to explore all that respect means from inclusion and peer pressure to self esteem and communication.  This interactive performance encourages participants to be open to differences of all kinds, to get to know each other as individuals (not as stereotypes), to stand up for those who may be unable to stand up for themselves and to show respect to classmates, siblings, parents and teachers. 

    The K-2 and 3-5 versions of this performance were created based on workshops with 2nd and 4th grade classrooms at Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center.  We are incredibly proud to offer a program that hits on the themes most relevant to our audiences!

    • Different Versions For Grades:
    • Audience Max:
    • Show Length:
      45-50 Minutes
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    • The Artistic staff made us all aware of our own issues with respect and tolerance and gave us some activities to use in the classroom with our students.

      Lou Mongillo
      Wilmette Junior High, Wilmette, IL