Mental Health Matters

  • Mental Health Matters

    Brand New for 2020-2021!

    Mental Health Matters, Imagination Theater’s brand new show for 2020, teaches kids the vital lesson of taking care of your mind and body to be your best and healthiest self! Your feelings are important, and they are a part of you! This participatory show will give students concrete tools that they can use when experiencing difficult emotion states like anxiety, stress, and depression. Kids will learn about the importance of mind-body connection through a series of different “calm body, calm mind” exercises like breathing, stretching, emotional check-ins, and interactive dialogue throughout the show. Together, we will explore a variety of healthy activities and exercises students can do to maintain a calm body and mind.  
    • For Grades:
    • Audience Max:
      250 in person
      60 virtually
    • Show Length:
      45-50 Minutes
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